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Refurbishments and extensions


The reliable 3D data generated with the Laser Scanner is ideal for designing, building, restructuring and extending technical and industrial plants such as refineries, power plants and production facilities.

Laser scanner technology provides complete and accurate as-build documentation, including photorealistic images of the current conditions of plants and structures that are under construction.

3D Scanning is the perfect solution for complex projects that require complete and accurate 3D data throughout the various phases of a plant life-cycle.

3D scanning technologies offer numerous economical and technical benefits in industrial plant design, construction and operating phases. They minimize risks and guarantee more safety for the delivery, maintenance and management of projects, which often require significant investments.

Our cloud of points software for processing scanned data, is compatible with all software applications currently used in the plant design and construction industry, such as AutoCAD Plant 3D, AVEVA, PDMS and Intergraph PDS, or sector-specific software such as PointSense, ESA Pro and LFM.


Precise construction planning based on actual data. 

Construction monitoring using accurate data. 

Rapid and precise comparison between project and as-built data. 

Continuous control and documentation of construction progress for legal and technical requirements. 

Greater certainty of regulatory compliance for principals, design engineers and building contractors.