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Legislation requires the installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) on-board all ocean-going vessels. 

This Convention requires compliance by all ships and o shore structures designed to carry ballast water, regardless of their age or size. 

BWTS retrofitting comes with a number of challenges regarding space and time. 

No engine room is the same making installation for each ship unique. 3D laser scanning can overcome these challenges by scanning the congested space in engine rooms. 

Once NAVALSCAN has captured the data points of the target area, a 3D model can be created using accompanying software. 

The point cloud generated by the scan is put directly into a 3D CAD program to start modeling the BWTS into the existing space. 

A preliminary design conveys the existing out fits that may be impacted by the new equipment installations and piping runs. The new ballast water treatment system and its piping route can then be planned and integrated into existing structures. 

The detailed design phase includes system and isometric drawings in order to select the right treatment system and to have it pre-built. The data set shows exactly where the new system should be installed. 


More accurate, complete as-built data for retrofit design projects translates into better designs.

Complex piping routing in an engine room can be easily identified using photo-realistic 3D scans.

After installation ship-owners are left with an accurate as-built of their ships.