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3D laser scanners can capture very accurate, factual information in a short period of time. Captured data is then analyzed either in the office or on a mobile computer to provide:

  • Simple coordinates of objects

  • Length measurements and diameters

  • Angular or tilt information

  • Shape information, such as roundness of objects

  • Area/volume measurements

  • Deformation, or change, in objects over time

In addition to the geometric information, the 3D point cloud also provides a visual representation of the scanned object due to the large density of measurements that are obtained. Some scanners can also capture images to further enhance the collected data. This visual information provides a factual record of areas inspected, being monitored, or for quality reporting of work undertaken.


More accurate, complete as-built data for retrofit design projects translates into better designs.

Complex piping routing in an engine room can be easily identified using photo-realistic 3D scans.

After installation ship-owners are left with an accurate as-built of their ships.